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Ep117: How to Make People Laugh by Christopher Kingler

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Episode notes

Unlike other publications, this book - How to Make People Laugh: Learn the Science of Laughter to Make a Powerful Impression, Win Friends and Improve Your Sense of Humour Even If You Don’t Think You’re Funny - is not aimed at experienced actors or comedians. Anyone can use it, and it doesn't read like a university course. The examples and exercises provided can be put into practice right away!

You will be more successful if you know how to make people laugh.

When you finish reading this book, which is actually a crash course, the "diploma" you will receive will not be a scroll with your name on it, but invaluable knowledge and tools on the science of laughter, helping you to be a great person to be with; a person who expresses joy and confidence.

This reading is called, "Work on Your Image and Develop Incredible Charisma"

Order your copy of How to Make People Laugh from your local bookshop or here on Amazon

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