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Ep118: If Only They Knew - How to create a full-time freedom business on your own terms by Chichi Eruchalu

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In If Only They Knew, Chichi Eruchalu takes you on a journey of courage, faith and entrepreneurship as she shares how she went from corporate cubicle to award-winning Business Coach and Speaker, with two kids in tow and burnout in between. In this book, she shares her unique CEO Mastery framework to help you get the clarity you need to design a thriving full-time freedom business on your own terms. Whatever you want to achieve in your life is possible and available to you, if you believe that it is. This reading is taken from the chapter, "Your Life. Your Terms" Order your copy from your local bookstore or here on Amazon.  Enjoyed this episode? Please share it with your friends, family and colleagues, using the hashtag #OneLastThought. Thank you. --- Send in a voice message: