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Mairead meets Emily Power Smith

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Episode notes

In this episode Mairead speaks to sex expert Emily Power Smith about sex and dating. Emily talks about the importance of being open and honest when embarking on sex with someone new. She also shares advice on getting over new-partner nerves and the importance of not focusing on past partners or pleasures when in a new dating scenario. She talks about how important self-pleasure is and how not taking sex too seriously is key to having the best time.

Emily also explains ALL the different types of orgasm men and women are capable of, outlines the difference between fetishes and kinks and talks through some common sex related challenges and offers solutions. She gives tips on how to ask for what you want in bed, and how to find out what that is. Emily also reminds us how body confidence and contentment is more important than the perception of perfection and how over valuing how we look to others can ultimately impact our pleasure potential.

Emily Power Smith is Irelands only clinical sexologist and can be found at www.empowersme.com