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Mairead meets Dr. Sabina Brennan

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Episode notes

In this episode Mairead speaks to Neuroscientist Dr. Sabina Brennan about what goes on in the brain when we are in love, lust, and having sex. Sabina explains the feel-good hormones and how they work, why men often aren’t as interested in cuddling after sex and how it’s not their fault! She shares why some stress is important for good brain health, why love really is blind and how DNA can make some of us more likely to have affairs and take part in one -night stands. Sabina also reminds us how similar attraction can be to addiction and why we can be all over the place when we start to get feelings for someone new! Sabina Brennan is a health Psychologist, neuroscientist and best-selling Author. She hosts the Super Brain Podcast. Each week she interviews inspiring individuals about thriving and surviving in life. Her first book 100 days to a younger Brain is a No1 Bestseller, her second book, beating brain fog was published earlier this year and published by Orion. To find out more about Sabina, or hear her podcasts www.sabinabrennan.ie