Fantasy Holidays in a time of COVID

27. Stepping back in time. Havana, Cuba - Emadch Beck MacNee

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Havana Cuba – Chauffeured to downtown Havana in a 1950’s Chevrolet Bel Air, the smell of freshly baked bread hits your taste buds, you admire the old architecture until the singing of 'Guantanamera' beckons you down a side street bar to enjoy a traditional Cuban highball Mojito, close to the blaring music, whilst breathing the aroma of Havana cigars. Do yourself a favour, step back in time and visit Cuba, you won’t be disappointed. Dr Emadch Beck MacNee, originally from Palau, was raised in New York. She studied marine biology at James Cook University in 2002, and now lives in Australia with her husband, two children, and two dachshunds. She and her husband enjoy cooking exotic meals and travelling the globe with their children.