Fantasy Holidays in a time of COVID

21. Pakistan - David Harden

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Episode notes

An early morning narrative from a hotel balcony in Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza District in Northern Pakistan. Dawn breaks, revealing the snow capped peak of Rakaposhi towering 7,788 metres above the roaring glacier fed Hunza River. Early Friday morning prayers in the city of Skardu in Northern Pakistan, considered the gateway to Concordia - the 8000 metre mountains of Pakistan's Karakoram range. David Harden started travelling at the age of sixteen when he hitch-hiked to Greece from London during a school summer holiday. After leaving school he set out from the UK to travel overland to Australia, but only made it as far as Afghanistan. After working in the corporate world (for fifteen long years) he's returned to what drives him forward the most: recording sounds, taking photographs and travel. His website: has a collection of sounds and photographs from his travels. Instagram & Twitter - davidharden123 and his Travel Worn Satchel Podcast is available to download via most podcast players.