Fantasy Holidays in a time of COVID

26. Hugs from the Aegean Sea - Joanna Akoumianaki

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Episode notes

Joanna Akoumianaki grew up in Greece and now lives in Perthshire, Scotland with her two children and husband. Water inspires every aspect of her life. She is a water scientist, a coastal hiker, a diver, a gardener, a maritime-fiction lover, and a writer of stories about travelling on water. You can find her on twitter @Joanna_Akoum and Facebook ioanna.akoumianaki. Acknowledgements for the production of this podcast: Steve Addison, Kostis Avissinos (Lousakiano Krasi, Nostos, and Couleur Locale (Lousakies,  " Thank you very much again and I hope you'll enjoy it! Joanna