The Uluru Statement from the Heart in Your Language


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Listen to this historic call for ‘Voice, Treaty and Truth’ in more than 20 Aboriginal languages (from communities in the Northern Territory and from Northern Western Australia) and over 60 languages to serve Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, created with the purpose of continuing the national dialogue with all Australians. In May 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates came together at the First Nations National Constitutional Convention near Uluru and presented the Uluru Statement from the Heart to the Australian people. The Statement calls for a First Nations Voice to Parliament, enshrined in the constitution, and a process for agreement making (Treaty) and truth-telling. It was the culmination of 13 deliberative Regional Dialogues across Australia with First Nations communities. The Statement seeks to establish a relationship between Australia's First Nations peoples and the Australian nation based on truth, justice and self-determination. Music by Frank Yamma. Photo by Jimmy Widders Hunt.

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