Skin Deep

Tulsi Vagjiani

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Episode notes

This week's debut episode of Skin Deep explores how times of tragedy can shape a person. Gareth speaks with Tulsi Vagjiani - a pilates rehabilitation specialist, life coach, motivational speaker and activist. The road that has led Tulsi towards such a fulfilling life has been painful, emotional and filled with unimaginable challenges. At the age of 10, Tulsi survived a plane crash in which she lost her immediate family and sustained 45% (2nd and 3rd degree) burns to her face and body. Referring to her scars and her tattoos, Tulsi's ink offers a real sense of identity, spirituality, rebellion! As Tulsi’s confidence grew, her tattoos have evolved too. Tulsi’s artwork is spiritual, colourful and a demarcation of her  life and her hurdles and strengths.

Contact Tulsi on instagram @tulsidivine108