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Today's guest, Geoff McDonald, worked at Unilever for 25 years and, at the end of his time there, contributed to the company's transformation from an ailing business into a thriving global organisation with purpose at its heart. He now works with businesses that believe that purpose can give them a strategic advantage by creating a company that the best people want to work for.

He's also a passionate mental health campaigner and is now able to follow his own purpose to create a world where everybody in every workplace feels they genuinely have the choice to put up their hand and ask for help when they are suffering from mental ill-health.

We explored the difference between using purpose as a tool to improve business performance instead of a marketing exercise, practical examples of how Unilever and other companies succeeded in achieving this. We also discussed why personal struggles and the tragedy of losing a close friend inspired him to leave the corporate world and advocate for open conversations about mental health.

Geoff also shared his CANDO framework - a helpful reminder of the importance of consistent habits to maintain positive physical and mental health.

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