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Jennifer Moss - Burnout & Happiness

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Episode notes

I've been looking forward to bringing you today's episode for a while now.

My guest is Jennifer Moss, a happiness expert - yes, that is a job - and a thought leader on one of the biggest challenges affecting the workplace right now - burnout.

I've had my own struggles with burnout over the years - for a good while before I'd even heard the expression. It's not just a historical thing for me either. I'm sure that I'm in the early stages of burnout right now, and after my conversation with Jennifer the other day, I know I need to act soon to head it off. And of course, I'm not the only one - over the past year, rates of burnout have increased at an alarming rate.

Clearly, we urgently need to do something about it, and as Jennifer explains, it isn't something we should be tackling alone. There's a responsibility from organisations to support people to design a work/life that is both manageable and fulfilling.

As well as the challenges of burnout, we also talk about positive psychology and happiness. Jennifer is a great writer and an incredibly insightful guest, so I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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