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What do our institutions need to do to make the UK more resilient?

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Episode notes

It often seems policies are developed in real time in reaction to ever-changing geopolitical events. In this session, our guest speakers discuss how the UK’s institutions – business, policy, and civil society – can help proactively shape resilience to domestic and international shocks and firm-up socio-economic stability. They explore the investment priorities for building economic, political, and social resilience, even in the face of climate change, inflation, war and inequality, and suggest real-world policy solutions.

Guest speakers

  •  Catherine Little, Civil Service Chief Operating Officer and Permanent Secretary to the Cabinet Office 
  • Dr Gillian Tett, Provost, King’s College, Cambridge, and Journalist, Financial Times
  • Dr Anna Valero, Distinguished Policy Fellow and Director of the Growth Programme, London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance


  •  Dr Matthew Agarwala, Economist, Bennett Institute for Public Policy

This discussion was part of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy Annual Conference 2024 recorded on Friday 22 March 2024 at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK