CLA Rural Powerhouse Podcast / ELMs Test and Trials

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Episode notes

The new Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme will launch in England in 2024, with national pilots beginning next year. However Defra has already been testing some of the elements of the new scheme with farmers and land managers through a programme of ‘Tests & Trials’ over the last 2 years. This is an important opportunity for farmers and land managers to put forward and test their own idas about what ELM should look like. This podcast for day one of Rural Powerhouse Week we hear from two CLA members involved in Tests & Trials, who share their experience and the ideas they are investigating. We also hear from Gavin Ross, who leads the Test & Trials programme for Defra, and Ed Hutley from Strutt & Parker, who discuss the bigger picture of how the new ELM scheme is taking shape. The CLA is leading on two Tests & Trials and members can read the final report for one here: Defra have information about the whole range of trials here:  

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