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Episode 4 - All You Need Is Maths feat. Caoimhe Rooney & Jessica Williams (Mathematigals)

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Episode notes

It's time to get mathematical, with two special guests from the world of applied mathematics! Dr Caoimhe Rooney is a research fellow at NASA Ames Research Centre who uses maths to study exoplanets with the goal of understanding how they formed, what they're made of and ultimately if they could harbor life. Dr Jessica Williams is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT and Harvard Medical School who uses mathematical modelling to simulate blood flow and the effect of varying blood vessel shapes. We talked to them about their research, the experience of being women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and how maths can be used to understand such different aspects of the world around us...

We also talked to Caoimhe and Jessica about their "Mathematigals" project, started to help foster diversity among the physical sciences. You can find them at, or on twitter/youtube/instagram/tiktok/facebook/pretty much everywhere. They have some really cool resources for anyone who wants to inspire young people, it's well worth checking out!