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S1EP5: "If the math is not math’ing, then there is a problem” - Michael & Andrew Boateng

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Episode notes

When Andrew and Michael Boateng agreed to be interviewed for Say it Loud, I was ecstatic and not because they’re very easy on the eye ( I know that’s what you were thinking) but because the depth, experience and wisdom they come with, is unmatched. Born in North London with a greater Manchester twang -- The brotherly love energy and their insight into the power TV holds when we look at race and class. Is there such a thing as black middle class in the UK? Yes there is - but where is it on screen?   Are we happy more black shows are being commissioned? Yes - but what is the infrastructure of the companies producing these shows? What does being on Love Island and the aftercare conversation look like when you’re a black man talking about mental health? Phwoar – make sure your tea is piping hot when you sit down for this one!  

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