My Dad Stole My Limelight

Silvi Vann-Wall on intentionally checking in with ourselves

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Episode notes

Silvi Vann-Wall (they/them) is a writer, film critic, improv comedian and as I excitedly learned in our chat, also a frog enthusiast.


I was introduced to their work via an important piece they published for the ABC (see the resources below) and was so honoured to get to know more about them and their journey.


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In this episode:

-Our sexual resume does not define our sexuality!

-How nice is being able to change how we identify as we change and grow in life?

-We discuss what it is like for Silvi to “be non-binary and have a feminine body”!

-We hope this conversation serves as a place to let gender-diverse people know that there are others like them and I want the cishets to listen and learn more about gender diversity too!

-Google is free! Stop asking people to do the emotional labour of educating you!

-We hear from Matt, Silvi’s husband, and hear what it is like to discover who we are and experience that in a long-term relationship!

-Lockdowns were revealing for queers, to say the least!

-Silvi and I shared the same fears as children: that our parents could read our minds! Our very gay minds! Terrifying!

-Silvi is great at checking in with themself every day, keeping their finger on the pulse of who they are!

-Did you get pulled out of class to draw dogs? No? You mustn’t be as talented as Silvi! Sorry!


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-Here is the article I read that led me to Silvi! 


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