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Neut (they/them/their) is back, pals! What a treat! They are such a wonderful person to chat with and I am thrilled we get more of their wonderfulness for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

-We discuss the “have to” when it comes to our creative pursuits!

-Neut pulls tarot while we record!

-We hear from Neut’s bestie, Silvia!

-Breakups are tough but who we become from them can be the most wonderful!

-Conversations with queers are perfect and necessary!

-Changing our wardrobe to be our true selves, as we go, is a huge yes!

-We are never done when it comes to discovering and uncovering ourselves!

-Coming out can be a boundary and a point of self-respect!

-Here is to being persistent and resilient!

-The people who get it, get it! Unsubscribes and unfollows are a gift!

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