My Dad Stole My Limelight

Joanne Tsung is back!

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Joanne Tsung (she/her) is back to let y’all know gays are taking over the world! I had such a great time chatting with her last time, I wanted to do it all again. PLUS! We needed the ending to the story that was her first weekend at university. So while this ep is less coming out (we covered that a lot in part 1) it is still loads of queer joy and Joanne joy!

In this episode:

-Since we last spoke, Joanne went to Peru!

-Lesbian feature walls are on my vision board for my future home!

-Joanne’s first weekend at university was indeed WILD!

-Starbucks is a little boutique cafe, have you heard of it? Joanne made it cool!

-If you follow a queer person into a gay bar… BOOP! You are gay now! You are welcome!

-Is axe throwing masculine or is that just Canadian?

-Hand blisters make me butch and I love this for me so much!

-We love soft, sensitive boys who have rejected toxic masculinity!


-We are living in a time where queers are ready to take over, and we are so ready!

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