My Dad Stole My Limelight

AJ Norris on giving up the grip that gender has on us

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I had the pleasure of seeing AJ Norris (he/they) perform comedy when I was in Seattle recently and I knew I had to introduce myself to him after the show to talk to them more. AJ brought as much joy to me in this chat as he did from the stage, and I am so grateful I get to share all that with you in this episode!

In this episode:

-Here is to not being seen as a queer comedian, but rather as a comedian, who also happens to be queer!

-Lauren didn’t know how to pronounce Arkansas!

-AJ is “a being, and the rest is secondary, " which is beautiful!

-It’s so great witnessing kids being raised in the present day, outside of the ‘norms’ that we were raised in!

-The power of a haircut can never be underestimated!

-Is it really an episode of MDSML if it doesn’t include the guest moving to another town before coming out?

-AJ talks about dismantling the expectations that society sets on you as a kid!

-Tattoos are a way to “decorate our home”!

-Is there a gender-neutral term for aunt or uncle? Please write and tell us!

-Here is your reminder to spend time by yourself!

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