My Dad Stole My Limelight

Cass Furman on not needing to prove yourself to anyone else

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Cass Furman (she/her) brings a beautiful balance of laughs and ‘things I am going to write in my diary later’ in this episode! Cass is a comedian and actor and shares so many lovely gems in this conversation.

In this episode:

-Cass played a lesbian character in a play and from there was able to own up to some feelings she hadn’t acknowledged fully at that point!

-Attraction means so much more than what we are taught!

-Cass experienced being the Janis Ian to Regina George and it hurt like it “was a little bit true”!

-When we come out there can be a lot of pressure to change, but Cass reminds us that there are parts we want to keep and that they’re amazing!

-Thank you to the expansive and large queer community who have helped us discover and love more about ourselves!

-All of the things Cass shared brought me back to the “why” of starting this podcast!

-Imagine if we loved ourselves the way we loved others! Or as Cass puts “The more we look for things to love about each other, the more we find to love”!

-WE ARE RETIRING JOURNALS! We are bringing back our diaries!

-The number of us who are scared to come out as we feel we do not have the “right” to it is a pattern in these conversations! You belong, and your dating history does not define you!

-Being honest will get you where you want to go a whole lot quicker!

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