My Dad Stole My Limelight

Steve Sidi on finding levity

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Steve Sidi (he/him) is back! You first met Steve in Season 2 (which is baffling to me I waited so long to have him on and my only conclusion is that he means so much to me that I was too nervous to host him when I was still very green). Stove was my roommate for my last long stint in Canada, and long before that, we have been close pals and also work colleagues! How dreamy to have so much of him in my life!

In this episode:

-If you are familiar with the movie Burlesque, then you already completely understand the dynamic of our friendship!

-When you get to a place in your life where you’re happy to run into someone in your kitchen, you know you’ve made it!

-Nicknames can be a demotion as they progress and I learn something new every day!

-Stand-up comedy has helped Steve understand who is is and who he wants to be and express himself in a way he hadn’t been able to before!

-Steve learned how to make friends with queer people by creating spaces for queer folks in comedy, where he always felt comfortable!

-There is a great reminder to seize opportunities, and also create them for others where you can. Thank you, Steve!

-Once again, we are reminded to make the queer community part of our lives, often and intentionally!

-Go support comedy! It is a good investment!

-“Best friend” is a tier and I am so very lucky to put Stove in the tier!

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-Lauren started watching this before the recording and that is (partly) why they were crying

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