My Dad Stole My Limelight

Curtis Campbell on creating and existing from a place of honesty

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Curtis Campbell is a playwright, novelist, theatremaker, director and producer. Dragging Mason County, Curtis’ YA book was released last fall. Around Toronto, you may see Curtis being awesome in the comedy world and the theatre world. Please enjoy this truly invigorating conversation.

In this episode:

-We revisit the times we worked together via little digital boxes on our laptops!

-Curtis tells us about Dragging Mason County, the YA novel released last year!

-We chat about how we want to exist in this world and how we want to define ourselves!

-Creativity is such a wonderful way to explore who we are!

-Growing up is a lovely way to find out we no longer have to prove our credentials as queer folk!

-EVERYTHING Curtis is working on — both solo and collaboratively — is without any exaggeration, perfection. I am delighted to chat about all of this important, joyful, intelligent work!

-People are hungry for queer comedy!

-As queer folks, making stuff for ourselves vs making ourselves more palatable for others is something we have to think about, and we discuss that in this episode!

-Everyone’s homework after listening is to go away and create bad things! We deserve it!

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