My Dad Stole My Limelight

Lolo & Brooke on allowing ourselves to be free, making room for more good to come from us

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I love my two sisters Lolo (she/her) and Brooke (she/her) and as you listen you will quickly discover why. Here they are, the muses and magical beings themselves, on the podcast, finally. I slept on this for so long, but please enjoy the delight that is these two queer queens, because they are worth every second of the wait.

In this episode:

-We are giving big ‘get the girlies together for a sleepover’ vibes!

-Well, what a letdown it has turned out to be to receive the male validation we were taught to want our entire lives! NOT ALWAYS! But ya, know, enough of the time that it is a thing we devoted time to in this convo so…

-As kids, our options were narrow, we had straight or gay to choose from — if that — and as we have grown, so have our options!

-Singing and dancing and knowing every word to a song with your Mum and your bestie = witchcraft!

-If someone trusts you enough to come out to you, let them keep that main character, at least for a minute!

-Queer love is magical!

-There is so much beauty in sisterhood, including the fact that you can text each other secrets from the other room and that be a beautiful form of communication!

-Once the weight of our own judgement (put on us by society) is lifted, so much can change to be authentic: who we love, what we wear, how we speak…!

-If you don’t karaoke, then can you really call yourself our friend?

-The limelight-stealing stories in this episode will haunt my guests on their deathbeds and that is warranted!

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