My Dad Stole My Limelight

Niki Mohrdar on no boundaries in what defines queerness

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Niki Mohrdar (she/her) is a stand-up comedian and podcaster (she’s ⅓ of the podcast Soft For Us, amazing!). In this episode, Niki shares her perspective as a Middle Eastern woman on queerness and coming out.

In this episode:

-Bisexuals? Us? We are attracted to a vibe!

-Look, Montreal is a place so many of us have gone to and then been like OH DAMN THIS IS WHO I AM!

-I want to talk about being queer ALL THE TIME and also, please recognise I am more than that!

-Niki and I never had an “official” coming out and mayyyyyybe we hold a little jealousy about that towards those who did!

-Choosing not to be open about who we are in certain spaces can be hard and it can also be a way to protect ourselves!

-Comedy is such a freeing space to have a “one-sided conversation” and express who we are, how we feel, what we believe and in the process make you laugh!

-Niki and I have struggled in an ongoing way with imposter syndrome and code-switching, feeling like there is something we need to prove!

-Sex and intimacy are so much more than being physical, and demisexuality can empower us to feel safe and secure exploring that!

-Niki wants there to be more openness and less suppression of our sexuality — being free to explore who we are and not shut ourselves off!

-Coffee is not needed if you have a wonderful queer conversation to have instead!

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