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Encore: India's Golden Decade Has Already Begun

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Episode notes

This is an encore episode!

Last year, I had the pleasure of chatting Ian Herbison, the CEO of the Speyside Group. We had a very insightful conversation about India's potential in the emerging markets, and I'm excited to share some key takeaways with you.

  1. India's Golden Decade: Ian and I discussed the buzz around India's golden decade, highlighting the country's growing domestic market and its increasing importance in global supply chains. With a large consumer base and a growing middle class, India is attracting foreign investment and playing a key role in the diversification of supply chains away from China.

  2. Semiconductors and the Digital Economy: We delved into the significance of semiconductors in the digital economy and the current tensions between China and the West. Ian highlighted India's role in securing the global supply of semiconductors, mentioning the partnership between the Vedanta Group and Foxconn to establish a mega factory in Gujarat, India.

  3. India's "Make in India" Strategy: We touched upon India's "Make in India" strategy, which aims to attract foreign investors while promoting the use of Indian-manufactured products. We also discussed the need for infrastructure investment in India and the involvement of domestic and foreign companies in this sector.

  4. Digital Innovation in India: Ian highlighted India's unique approach to digital payments, including the development of a national digital payments system. We also discussed the complexities and challenges of doing business in emerging markets, specifically focusing on India.

  5. Political Stability and Economic Growth: We compared India to other emerging markets like Brazil and Southeast Asian countries, noting that India's political stability is a crucial factor for economic growth.

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