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Going freelance in a pandemic & community over competition with Kieron Lewis

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Episode notes

Every so often an episode comes up that's harder to categorise, usually because the conversation is so rich and full of twists and turns and this episode is one of them!

In today's episode I interview Kieron Lewis, a freelance graphic designer, speaker, and Adobe Live host about his transition to freelance work during the pandemic and his ongoing efforts towards community building and advocacy in South London.

We explore the importance of representation in the creative field and how Kieron's upbringing uniquely positioned him to seek out advocacy for the graphic designers of the future. We also chatted about how we tackle criticism, navigating professional obstacles, and the influence of personal values in our design work.

Additionally, he discusses his maintaining meaningful relationships and the importance of an effective online presence in building a strong brand.

Episode highlights: 

02:40 The Importance of Networking and People Skills 05:25 Giving Back to the Community through Talks and Workshops 17:06 The Role of Constructive Criticism and Feedback in Career Growth 32:02 Marketing your Work Online

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This episode was written and produced by me and edited by Lucy Lucraft.

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