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Hannah Dixon is the CEO of Digital Nomad Kit, as well as a full time digital nomad, world traveler, housesitter, and virtual assistant. She’s trained more than 20,000 people to follow in her footsteps and build location independence, and today she shares her journey with us. She joins us from Mexico with Europe on the horizon, multiple passports and residencies in her pocket, and a ton of knowledge to drop on world travels, entrepreneurship, and location independence.

Follow Hannah's work at https://digitalnomadkit.com, Matchmaking service: https://digitalnomadkit.com/hire, Paid coursehttps://digitalnomadkit.com/virtual-excellence-academy, Blog posts https://digitalnomadkit.com/blog, Free 5 Day VA Challenge https://digitalnomadkit.com/5-day-va-challenge. Create Affiliate Link https://digitalnomadkit.thrivecart.com/va-starter-kit/partner/.

On Twitter https://twitter.com/HannahDixonDNK, Instagram https://instagram.com/digitalnomadkit, Facebook https://facebook.com/groups/digitalnomadkit, and LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/dixonhannah.

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