EP97 - Transitions in Life and Business

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Episode notes

Life is funny sometimes. 


We all must suffer through it. 

For many of us, you and me included... 

We have to deal with things that show up out of the blue, so to speak. 

I have recently gone through a divorce, and it has been a transition I was not looking forward to. 

Instead, it just showed up and took control of my life. 

I apologize for not being consistent with this podcast as I would like. 

I suppose I will have to deal with it though. 

Divorce is one of those times in life that we like to call “factors for change”. 

Loss of a job. 

Loss of a marriage.


A loss of life. 

These are times in our lives when we have to stop and evaluate our feelings and accept the change that is taking place. 


It happens whether we want it to or not. 

Sometimes business imitates life too. 

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