EP64: Re-Education - Your Path to Success!

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I get it, believe me!

No one...

And I mean, NO ONE wants to continue going to school.

Especially if you are busy with other things, that are more pressing, or otherwise tugging at your strings.

We're ALL busy.

It's 2022.

Everybody is busy.

Did you know that even busy doctors, attorneys, realtors, and many other professional business persons MUST get continuing education (CE) credits to keep their professional license?

Wait long enough and our governments will have that for online businesses.

Thankfully we don't - right now.

But that does not mean we don't need to keep re-educating ourselves!

We ALL need to be re-educated.

How you do it, is completely up to you.

You can pay for it, or you can learn it the old-fashioned way, by making mistakes.

I did the old-fashioned way for a long time. You may be in that club as well.

I do not recommend it.

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