EP93: Avatar 2

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Episode notes

As I am recording this podcast for release on Monday, it dawned on me that the Avatar 2 movie that was released Friday can be used to make a point.

I did go to see it with a special friend.

Though I do know that the movie is different from the original, it still has similar elements that take us back to the original.

From the previews...

They remind us of the problems the inhabitants of Pandora had with the greedy commercial earthlings and the military that tried to harvest precious unobtanium minerals and displace the Na’vi.

In movies, just like your own writing, whether on website pages and/or email series, we need to keep a consistent theme that our readers can follow.

Avatar 2 reminds us, according to the mind of James Cameron, that the invaders (the earthlings) are bad.

I want to avoid saying anything that would spoil your experience watching the movie, except to tell you that this movie, for me, was even better than the first one.


That is saying a lot because the first Avatar movie changed our understanding of how movies could be made.

It was revolutionary.

Nothing has changed...

James Cameron did it again.

Avatar 2 - the way of the water - continues his saga.

Let me tie this into our writing.

Listen in for ALL the good stuff ...


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