Great Green Questions

Can you be an environmentalist and still love cars?

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Episode notes

A lighthearted and witty exploration of some of the big questions that come up when trying to 'walk the green line'. Helping us tackle the question: Can you be an environmentalist and still love cars?, is comedian Eshaan Akbar and actor, comedian and presenter Robert Llewellyn. Hosted by Juliet Davenport, climate scientist, renewable pioneer, businesswoman, environmental activist and founder of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity company, this podcast invites a panel of comedians and experts to tackle some of the common (and quirky!) questions that pop to mind when trying to live a greener life. Topics covered: - Whether buying a new EV is actually better than running a diesel car into the ground - Whether or not we even need to own cars - The highs and lows of owning and charging an electric vehicle - Cobalt - Is there a risk that by solving one problem with electrifying transport, we are creating another environmental and social problem? - Formula One racing with EVs Great Green Questions is powered by Good Energy and produced by Mags Creative, with curation from Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking.