Winging It Travel Podcast

By James Hammond

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An 'On the Road' travel podcast with weekly episodes detailing all the information about my travels alongside interviews with local people and guests. Every Monday, I (James Hammond), will be having conversations with guests about all things travel. This anecdotal, informative podcast is for backpackers, travellers or anyone who is interested in travel! A casual podcast where there will be stories to tell, tips to share and experiences to inspire. I have met so many people on my travels in the last ten years, I have to get them on this podcast to get their stories and tips on record! There will be so much travel content coming your way, it will inspire you to book that trip you always wanted!
I am currently on the road on my travels so tune in every week where there will be short-form episodes detailing where I am, what I am up to, tips and tricks for the place I am in and of course some travel stories. It will be an exciting new phase for the podcast which I can't wait to showcase to you. Thanks for listening.
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Producer - James Hammond
Podcast Art Design - Swamp Soup Company - Harry Utton

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