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'Opportunity' – with Brian Eno, artist, producer and co-founder of EarthPercent

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A legendary artist, and one of the music world's great thinkers - Brian Eno is our first guest on series 2 of Sounds Like A Plan.

In spring 2021 Eno co-founded EarthPercent an organisation designed to help direct funds from the music industry towards some of the the most effective climate causes.

Hosts Fay Milton and Greg Cochrane joined Brian in a cupboard (explained in the podcast) at his west London studio to hear about how the project aims to accelerate action on climate, while also hearing Eno's thoughts on the steps being taken by his peers including Coldplay, U2, Billie Eilish and others. He also shares his thoughts on climate "hypocrisy", how art can help steer the perception of the climate issue and how he believes we should be talking about the emergency in terms of "opportunity".

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