Sounds Like A Plan / 'Groundwork' – with Lauren Sullivan, co-director REVERB

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How can artists bring effective climate action to their shows? REVERB are one of the originators of this – they currently work with musicians ranging from Billie Eilish to Tame Impala, Harry Styles to The 1975. They help musicians green their tours, while also helping to bring fans into the conversation on the ground at their concerts.

Lauren Sullivan - co-founder of the U.S. non-profit REVERB along with her partner Adam Gardner from the band Guster - joins us to talk about tangible actions like bringing eco-villages to gigs, sourcing food from local farmers and encouraging music peers to take action by sharing their learnings, data and resources.

Co-hosts Fay Milton and Greg Cochrane also discuss Coldplay’s recently announced plans for their Music For The Spheres world tour – where they’ve taken 12 steps to become more sustainable, including the introduction of a kinetic dancefloor that’ll generate clean energy to power the concert. As ever, they’ll also leave you with some recommendations.

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Links to things discussed in the podcast:

Coldplay reveal plans for a more environmentally conscious world tour

REVERB’s Music Climate Revolution and resources

The No More Blood Wood campaign

This episode's recommendations:

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Music Declares Emergency’s special collaboration with The 1975

Greg's recommendation

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