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Living with relapsed/refractory Multiple Myeloma

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Episode notes

In this podcast, Dr Denis O’Keeffe, Consultant Hematologist explains that Multiple Myeloma will in the majority of patients come back, however today many options for treating and controlling the relapsed/refractory disease exists and patients survival has greatly improved.

Dr O’Keeffe is keen to point out patients cannot stop Multiple Myeloma from coming back but it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr O’Keeffe advises early recognition of the disease relapse is possible due to close monitoring and before the disease can cause damage.

Not all patients require treatment at relapse and the decision to treat or not is individualized and made in partnership with patients. The decision to treat is based on the patients individual disease, age, physical and mental health and the additional challenge of Covid risk.

Dr O Keeffe highlights that at relapse patients are better equipped to cope and that through the difficult times there is great hope. Treatment options are increasing all the time moving towards the possibility of cure.

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