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Living with Multiple Myeloma: Updates on treatment approach for Multiple Myeloma, now and into the future.

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Episode notes

In this podcast Professor Siobhan Glavey, provides an update of the rapid developments in managing Multiple Myeloma.

Professor Glavey explains how the future has never been more hopeful as significant improvement in treatment options has resulted in unprecedented progression free survival (PFS).

Today not only are patients living longer, they have a healthier quality of life. Professor Glavey explains the many variables in managing myeloma and the importance of a personalised approach, using the right drugs with the right patient. In her discussion with Maire Treasa she outlines the many factors that influence the decision to treat a patient including patient related factors and treatment related factors.

She describes the findings from clinical trials and gives an overview of the results presented at the American Society of Haematology (ASH) annual conference. She explains how for patients who are transplant eligible the results at ASH confirm transplant is here to stay, as 3 year PFS was better in those who received a transplant.

In addition, Prof Glavey explains for transplant ineligible patients, effective treatments have also resulted in increased PFS. She explains how 3 drug combinations is standard today in Ireland for the majority of patients. However, in the future 4 drug  combinations will be used with each drug having a different mechanism of action to treat the disease. No one size of treatment fits all and it is important to consider different drugs or different drug doses when treating individual patients and managing side effects.

She explains there is no wonder drug, she highlights the importance of availability of clinical trials for our patients and the importance of continually pushing the boundaries. Prof Glavey outlines how we have a good repertoire of drugs with many more still to come including antibody drug conjugates. The future is brighter as we work together to treat Multiple Myeloma.

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