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Jayisha Patel

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Episode notes

My guest this week is Jayisha Patel, an award winning filmmaker who works at the intersection of cinematic film and VR. In 2020, Jayisha was hailed by Screen Daily as one of the Stars of Tomorrow and her films have premiered at Sundance, the New York Film Festival and the Toronto International Film festival.

Her first short film, A Paradise, was nominated for 37 international awards. Her film Circle was nominated for a student BAFTA, and her first VR experience Notes to My Father, won the UN Women’s Global Voice Award for Best 360 film.

Jayisha seeks to give a platform in particular to women of colour who are fighting stereotypes, in bold and unconventional ways.

We discuss the importance of working with local crews, what it takes to embed as a filmmaker within a different cultural community, and how to make sensitive and thoughtful films in challenging circumstances.

We also discuss power dynamics, and how to work out if you are qualified to tell a particular story or not.