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Do you feel there's something wrong with you? It's a feeling that has haunted many of us for as long as we can remember. So how do we finally see our worth? Ann shares insights along her long journey to feeling good enough so you can do the same.

About Ann

Since 1977, Ann Haralambie has been a trial and appellate attorney in Tucson, Arizona, focusing on children: custody, abuse and neglect, adoption, and child advocacy. Adopted in infancy in New York, where all records were sealed, she wanted to know her biological roots and the true stories of her birth families. As a preadolescent she knew that someday she would try to find her birth parents, even though she loved her adoptive family. After attending college and graduate school, earning a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in English Literature, she went to law school and learned about the new adoptee rights movement. She began her active search while still in law school, continuing for more than 35 years before finally finding the truth about her roots. She has been able to share those roots with her late daughter, Katherine, and grandson, Dominic. She lives in Tucson, Arizona and Silver Lake, New Hampshire, where she spends time protecting the loons and their chicks.

About her book

This is a story about family, adoption, heritage, and identity. It is also about place and people. Haralambie invites you to accompany her on her search for her biological roots, the hurdles and misdirections, and what happens when she finally finds out who her biological family members are. Every adoption search and reunion are different. The results, and how each adoptee deals with them, are also different. But everyone who has been touched by adoption—whether directly or through friends, professional clients, or patients—can learn from others' experiences. Haralambie's journey will intrigue readers and may make them laugh and cry. It will surely get them thinking about their own identity and heritage. Her message for readers is to approach the quest with kindness and understanding.