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Ending An identity Crisis With David Enker

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Episode notes

Do you want to get clear on who you really are? Identity confuses the heck out of us adoptees. Until it doesn't. Listen in as we peel back the many layers of identity. We go beyond trauma to the very essence of who we are. One of the most profound interviews in over 350 conversations on this  podcast.

Here's a bit about David and his book

David Enker (Amsterdam, 1970) is a Dutch writer and artist. He was unofficially adopted as a baby, using the experience to explore the world from that unique perspective.

An unusual adoption, a gruesome family discovery, a lonesome journey, a brush with death in the London Underground and a life-altering diagnosis are just some of the ingredients in this collection of short stories.

This book will lead you on a sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes humorous journey of self-discovery that inspires hope and renewed appreciation for the blessings in life.

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