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Helen Comerford: stage manager

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Ankur speaks to Helen Comerford who has been a stage manager for smash-hit theatre productions across the UK and the globe. 

As a stage manager, Helen’s been responsible for the smooth-running of all types of theatre productions from the first day of rehearsal until the final performance. She’s worked for some of the best-loved theatres, shows and companies in the UK, most recently for Wise Children. 

In this episode, Helens talks about the thrills of orchestrating a live performance with the precision of a fighter-jet pilot. She explains the different routes into technical theatre and some of roles you can pursue if you love props, set or lighting. She shares how she found her confidence as a stage manager working in a theme park and how you deal with things going wrong at the London 2012 Olympics. 

Helen’s experience shows us how you can find your way into the technical roles in theatre, and be a crucial part of the show. 

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