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Ivan Blackstock: multidisciplinary artist

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Ankur speaks to Ivan Blackstock about the many hats he wears as an artist and how he stays true to himself across the disciplines of dance, theatre, film and music, to name a few.

Ivan talks about creating spaces such as CRXSSPLATFXRM, to showcase new work and enable collaborations in hip hop and street culture. He talks about going between the worlds of performing at Sadler’s Wells and choreographing Beyoncé’s BROWN SKIN GIRL video.

Ivan shares how self-guided learning, especially through social media, is core to how he continues to grow as an artist. He talks about how he has built up a community of collaborators over the years, who are also his greatest supporters and who help him in times of self-doubt.

Ivan’s experience is a great example of how to build a body of work within existing organisations and within new contexts that you create. His story is a testament to a two- way street that makes the best artists: when you learn from and pave the way for the artists around you, you develop yourself.

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