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Episode notes

Ankur speaks to Phil (he/him) about how his journey as a producer began by running a one-off queer club night and has led him to creating one of the UK’s biggest arts festivals dedicated to LGBTQIAculture.  

He explains how he initiated long-overdue conversations about queer representation within larger arts institutions, which led to long-lasting partnerships. He talks through how he applied for, then allocated, funding and support from multiple sources to help him create the first iteration of Curious Festival. 

Phil shares how he came to feel comfortable with the title and responsibilities of ‘producer’. He talks about how positive role models helped him give himself permission to be confident when networking and building collaborations to expand the cultural offerings in the North East of England.  

Phil’s experience shows the power of identifying a gap in the market and harnessing your own perspective, entrepreneurship and creative energy to bring new ideas and ventures to life. 

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