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New business formation and productivity

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Why do we need new firms? How important is business creation for employment and productivity? How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the churning of businesses? In this episode of Productivity Puzzles, we discuss business dynamism, which is about the birth, growth and decline of businesses, also called churning. The evidence shows that churning is good for the creation of new jobs, for providing opportunities for firm, industries and regions to invest and grow, and a key driver of productivity.

Recent ONS data also shows that while older firms in the UK are the most productive, it’s the newer ones that show the fastest growth in productivity. But there are differences in business dynamics across industries, and also differences across regions. We look at how the business environment needs to change and what policies need to be put in place to see more new firm creation and what is needed to help them grow and become more productive.

 Host Bart van Ark is joined by:

  •  Anthony Impey, CEO of Be The Business, an independent not-for-profit organisation helping small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) boost their performance
  • Clare Elsby, Head of People and Culture at Elsby & Co, an accountancy firm specialised in the SME market.
  •  Jakob Schneebacher from the Office for National Statistics

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