Hear Myself Think

Get ready for bed with Kesra

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Episode notes

Join Kesra in preparing for a good night’s sleep ahead of an upcoming exam. As he aims to calm his nerves before bed, Kesra considers several methods that can help us sleep better, and explores how we look to the future positively.

Content Warning: Hear Myself Think is an audio drama series, and contains characters talking about their experiences of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Kesra Shamail Ali

Announcer Barry Fitzgerald

Direction & dramaturgy by Kaleya Baxe

Sound design & composition by Kieran Lucas

Written by Olly Gully

Hear Myself Think has been developed in partnership with Streatham Space Project, and is supported using public funds by Arts Council England. With thanks to Dr Noelle Blackman, Professor Simon Gilbody, and the members, volunteers and staff of Mosaic Clubhouse and Arts Network.


If, like Kesra, you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, small activities such as setting aside time to wind down, staying off social media, noting down anxieties, and checking in with your body through gentle stretches can help you get a better night’s sleep. However, if these thoughts continue to stop you sleeping, or from living the life you want to lead, it might be time to share how you feel with a friend or family member, or your GP - though that might be a positive action for tomorrow. There are also links to access further support on hearmyselfthink.co.uk