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S1E15: Do You Trust Me?

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S1E15: Do You Trust Me?

Trust is fundamental to the reputation of news organizations. But with misinformation and claims of fake news now abundant, what can the media industry do to ensure their viewers and followers know that their content is genuine?

In this episode, we discuss the aims of Project Origin, an alliance of media and technology organizations looking to do just that. But how does it hope to achieve this? And what are the risks to the news industry if this issue is not tackled head-on?

Our Guest This Episode

Bruce MacCormack is the co-lead of Project Origin, a media provenance initiative that consists of the BBC, New York Times, CBC/Radio-Canada, and Microsoft. He is also an invited expert on the technical working group of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).

Bruce is focused on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on news operations, with a particular emphasis on mitigating the threat of misinformation. He is a member of the Partnership on AI steering committee on AI and Media Integrity. He was also Head of Business Strategy for Technology at CBC/Radio-Canada and the Executive Architect of the Enterprise Media Asset Management system.

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