20/20 Vision

By Robin Klein
20/20 Vision is a new podcast series hosted by LocalGlobe and Latitude co-founder and veteran investor, Robin Klein. As a septuagenarian working in the tech sector, Robin has been founding companies, investing in startups and helping businesses to scale for more than two decades. Some of the global tech businesses he has invested in include LoveFilm, Graze, Zoopla, Robinhood, Cazoo and Wise.

Robin will talk to experts from the world of business, tech and science about what they have learned in their own long careers and what excites them for the future about working or investing in tech and innovation.

The podcast’s title and theme - 20/20 Vision - nods to Klein’s 40 years’ of experience - 20 years in this century and 20 years in the last one backing innovative founders.

It is also a reference to the phrase 20:20 hindsight - the full knowledge and complete understanding that one has about an event only after it has happened.

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