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Breast Cancer and Surgery - Part One

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Episode notes

This is the first of two episodes looking at surgery - which is the right operation for you - what do terms like lumpectomy and mastectomy mean and should you have reconstruction? And if so, when and how?

Three women share their stories with Victoria in this episode - how their fears and anxieties were overcome and how they made the decisions they did. Some of their points will be put to a breast cancer surgeon in Episode 9.

Brought to you by the Future Dreams charity, "And Then Came Breast Cancer" is for everyone whose lives have been touched by the disease. You can contact us at for help and advice and Victoria is @VicDerbyshire on Twitter and Instagram. Please rate, like and subscribe to the podcast and we welcome your ideas for future episodes.

If you have been touched by Breast Cancer – Future Dreams is here to help.

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