And Then Came Breast Cancer - A Future Dreams Podcast

Breast Cancer and my unique journey with my Sister

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Episode notes

Everyone’s cancer journey is unique and in this episode you’ll hear how Victoria’s guests demonstrate that by talking frankly about their differing responses to being told they had breast cancer. The fact that two of those guests are sisters only adds to the point. Cathy and Tracey - two siblings of seven - were diagnosed a few months apart and despite their closeness, they got on it in different ways.

Their stories are uplifting and poignant and they are joined by Jackie, Future Dreams’ Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist - who explains how different people react differently to everything from diagnosis, treatment and their post-cancer lives.

Brought to you by the Future Dreams charity, "And Then Came Breast Cancer" is for everyone whose lives have been touched by the disease. You can contact us at for help and advice and Victoria is @VicDerbyshire on Twitter and Instagram. Please rate, like and subscribe to the podcast and we welcome your ideas for future episodes.

If you have been touched by Breast Cancer – Future Dreams is here to help.

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