Earn More, Work Less, Live Happy

By Faith Christiansen I Social Sellers I Social Sellers Life
If you’re an author, podcaster, service provider, or coach trapped working long hours behind a screen in a low-profit business that trades time for money, the “Earn More, Work Less, Live Happy” Show is for you. This show is for the overwhelmed, overworked entrepreneur who wants to ditch the 9-5, escape the hardcore hustle culture, and live a happy, truly free life on their terms. We talk about designing a freedom business that allows you to spend more time with those you love, doing what makes you happy while increasing your impact and profits so you can get off the income rollercoaster. Hosted by Faith Christiansen, Amazon Bestselling Author of the “Earn More, Work Less, Live Happy” book and Founder of the Social Sellers Life Brand, brings you nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, website designer, and educator in the online space. Together with awesome guests, we share how to build and grow a SIMPLE, highly profitable, automated business with proven leveraged strategies that explode your sales, grow your lists, and maximize profits so you can work smarter, not harder. There is nothing more that Faith loves more than stripping the overwhelm and stress from business owners and helping them with her “done is the new perfect” motto. To continue the conversation, see additional content and be a part of our online community, join us on YouTube by visiting www.show.socialsellerslife.com