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Episode #7 - Frank Stephenson (Part 1)

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Episode notes

This week on the podcast we have a very special guest, award winning designer Frank Stephenson. Frank of the world’s most renowned and influential designers of today. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California he began his career in 1986 with Ford Motor Company. He then moved to the BMW Group where he designed the X5 and the award winning New MINI. From there, he has designed some incredible cars for Ferrari, Maserati and McLaren as well as designing a modern version of the iconic Fiat 500. The interview with Frank was so interesting and valuable that we have divided the conversation into two parts. Part 1 focuses on Frank’s life and his passion for design before getting into more detail on his passion for cars in part 2 as well as sharing the secrets of his success. 

There are some fantastic business insights, words of wisdom and takeaways in this conversation with Frank Stephenson you won’t want to miss. 

Also joining this episode is Active Digital’s Managing Director, Richard Groves. He joins the conversation as Richard shares an equal passion for car design and the history of the automobile industry. No-one wanted to be left in in spending time speaking to such an incredible guest!

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